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Developed for Evergreen and Deciduous Trees

Our Professional Potting Soil for Bonsai is crafted in accordance with ancient Japanese traditions, recognizing the critical importance of the relationship between a tree's health and the quality of its roots, particularly in the constrained environment of a small bonsai pot. The pot's height-to-width ratio presents challenges to drainage, and to address this, our substrate incorporates a high percentage of silica. This ensures optimal drainage and increased macroporosity, crucial for maintaining proper aeration and preventing root rot.


  • White peat, 0–10 mm
  • Brown peat
  • Expanded silicate
  • Pumice, 0–3 mm
  • Clay

The inclusion of white peat in the mixture enhances water retention, while humus and clay provide strong buffering power and uniform moisture for the bonsai's root ball.

NPK FERTILIZER + MICROELEMENTS Our compound mineral fertilizer, rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, enhances plant growth by providing essential nutrients. Microelements contribute to the overall harmonious growth of the bonsai.

WITH SUPERFINE PEAT Carefully chosen superfine peat contributes to improved soil drainage and texture, increasing water retention and introducing organic substances to the mix.

WITH CLAY Montmorillonite clay is incorporated to retain water and nutrients, releasing them gradually over time to support the bonsai's nutritional needs.

FERTILIZATION Utilize NPK compound mineral fertilizer + microelements to ensure a well-rounded and comprehensive nutrient supply for your bonsai.


  • pH (H2O): 5.8 – 6.8
  • CE: 0.20 – 0.30 dS/m

Our Bonsai Professional Potting Soil is designed to provide the optimal environment for the health and growth of both evergreen and deciduous trees, adhering to traditional Japanese principles.